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Easy-to-Follow Steps to Master Piano Playing

If you have always harboured the desire to roll out brilliant tunes from a piano to an awe-inspired audience, then you have come to the right place. Learning how to become a pro pianist is possible if you can find yourself the best piano classes. Besides, you can also learn how to play the chords by following the proven steps. Despite how hard it seems at first, picking a tune and playing the chord wouldn’t be a daunting task at all.

Learning to Play the Piano in Simple Steps

While you can always look for the best music teacher for some professional piano classes, there are other ways of learning it through simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Get to Understand the Piano Keyboard’s Layout

This is the easiest way of learning the piano. Take a look at how the black notes are placed on the instrument. You will realize that the black notes were placed in groups of two and three. They are all up and down the instrument. Look for a group of two black notes, before finding the white notes that are placed on their left. This is how you get the note C.

The first way to learn the piano is by playing and naming all the notes and practising how to find them as quickly as you can.

Considering Using your Right Hand to Play the Piano

This step will need you to get thoroughly experienced with the instrument and find your way around the piano. It is only when you are used to the keys on the piano, that you can play them better. By practising, you can also improve the dexterity of your fingers.

Number your fingers from one to five, with one as your thumb and five being the pinky thumb. Now try finding the C in the centre of the keyboard while trying to place your right thumb over it. Thereafter all other fingers should naturally fall on the other notes.

Practice Using your Left Hand to Play the Piano

To properly play the piano, the music teacher will teach you how to master the art of playing it with both hands. Keep your left pinky on the C beneath the middle C. This way you must have number 5 on note C, 4 on note D, 3 on note E, 2 on note F and 1 on note G. This is where you must begin playing the tune.

Start playing the Instrument with Two Hands

Now play the same tune using both your hands while placing your hand in a similar position that you finished practising. While the top line is the right hand, the bottom light would be the left hand. Keep a lookout if your hands are in moving in a similar direction throughout your playing time.

Begin Playing the Piano Chords

Chords are either three or more notes that one plays at the same time. Since piano cords include playing different keys at once, beginners can feel intimidated at first. However, knowing how to play the basic piano chords at the piano classes is one of the best ways out for beginners.

Understand the Music Notes followed by the Timing

Every note implies how much you rely upon it must get. While only three notes are counted in the music sheet, there is more to it. Start identifying the notes individually. The first measure of the music sheet comprises the E notes. Keep playing them until you get used to them before moving to a different measure until you can play them successfully.

Review and Keep Practicing

Revise the steps and keep practising until you can play your favourite tune successfully. When you get confident, you can always learn the music notes and major piano keys. When you play the piano, you can start noticing the patterns. Since sons are made of musical patterns, you would want to identify and learn these patterns as you begin working on your goals.

Playing the piano will need you to enrol in a professional music-teacher-led music class like at Solid Rock Dubai. The music studio teaches you piano with the best instrument and sheer professionalism. The studio is focused on helping you play the instrument flawlessly. The study aims at teaching you how to play the piano while also loving it.

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