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How to start learning music – Guide for beginners

You must have heard about the quote “practice makes perfect”, well it is mostly what the line of music is based on. If you want to master music, then practice is the key. In the modern world, people tend to get things done so easily, they have forgotten the need for practice.

So, here is an amazing guide on how you should learn and practice music to perfect it.

Duration Of The Practice

You should practice as much as you can. Make sure to be consistent and not miss a day. For most people, giving long hours to music is just not possible. Therefore, it is necessary for them to be at least consistent and focused on their training.

You can practice for five to fifteen minutes a day and extend the hours on weekends. It is the best way to learn music. Moreover, you can also join music classes Dubai, as you will get more passion when you will see others competing with you. The habit of practicing music will get better and longer with time if you stay consistent.

You just have to take some time to fully fit it into your lifestyle and it would benefit you at great levels, physically as well as mentally. Most successful people tend to fit music lessons into their daily routines as it is such a great activity.

Mental Preparation

Before you begin your musical journey, you have to check some things on your mental checklist which should include motivation, diligence, distractions, and expectations. When you are practicing, you should ask yourself what drives you to practice and master music. Your motivation can be as simple as impressing the lucky one, or you want to pursue a career in music as it heals you in a spiritual way. Another example can be belly dance, most of the dancers practice it and pursue it as a career.

Make sure to practice with diligent engagement. Do not procrastinate as it will not get you very far in this line. You have to commit to not get indulged in any type of distractions. You can do many things to avoid possible distractions, such as turning off your phone. You will realize that most of the time in your day is consumed by your phone.

Lastly, make sure to quit setting impossible expectations in the process of learning. There are many cases in which people set too high expectations and then they leave the whole practice and their willingness to music due to disappointment and fear. You do not need regret while you are practicing music, so the best way to avoid it is to set possible expectations and goals.

Overcoming The Obstacles

It is fairly easy to make your mind focused on the 15-minute training session. However, the difficult part is the obstacles that come with it. These obstacles can come in the form of distractions, perfectionism and procrastination.

There are times when it is difficult to practice because of distractions. You need to know that it is natural and okay to have distractions, you cannot quit even if you realize that you get distracted easily. For instance, in belly dance, a dancer would not quit if they take too many breaks or tend to get easily distracted by the environment.

Perfectionism is indeed one of the hardest obstacles to overcome in the field of music. It can be a good thing too as some people who are perfectionists tend to get more than successful at what they do. However, perfectionists tend to quit the task that they are not able to “perfect”. Music is a field that requires repetition and patience. Patience is required in this line as the training sessions can take a toll on your mental health, but you have to calm yourself down in order to be flawless.

Procrastination is the most common problem in beginners. Make sure that you fully commit yourself without thinking about anything else while practicing. Do not procrastinate when you feel bad about a failed training session. A failed practice does not mean that you cannot improve. For example, at the beginning of learning any form of dance, you cannot get the form right. That does not mean that you should quit it.


At the end of the day, learning music consists of many things. With the guide explained above, you would be greatly helped.

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