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Private Dance Classes In Dubai

Private Dance Classes in Dubai

Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone is happy to provide interested students with the best private dance classes in Dubai. Our prestigious and knowledgeable faculty members plan and deliver our private class programs, providing one-on-one instruction to students interested in enhancing and completing their dance training with personal training.

Every dancer benefit from private dancing lessons because they provide individualised instruction tailored to each student’s physical characteristics and technical ability.

Private Dance Lessons Dubai

What Do We Do?

For the past ten years, the mainstream Dubai community has benefited from private dancing lessons offered by Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone, an established dance school. We began offering the best ballet and tap courses with just a few students ten years ago, and today we offer over 26 classes throughout ten disciplines. Children ages 2 to 16 can take part in these classes.

  • Options For Adjustable Scheduling

We provide a thorough list of private instructors who may deliver lessons at your house or another location for individuals unable to attend the school.

Dancers participating in private programs will receive a personalised training plan backed by their teacher’s assistance and personal attention. Ballet, jazz, tap, Acro, modern, hip-hop, and lyrical are a few of the technical dance genres we offer in private lessons at Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone Dubai.

  • Bonding Possibility Between Students and Teachers

Working one-on-one with an instructor during private dance sessions fosters relationships between the student (kids or adults) and the teacher. In addition, in-depth comments and undivided attention can be given to each student during a private class, which helps the learner make progress.

  • Developing Technical Skills in A Safe Dancing Setting

Because private training lessons are conducted in a fully equipped studio, students can dance “all out” during these sessions. The dancer’s bodies will also be protected as they practice and perform on the sprung dance floor of the dance studio, which encourages safe dance instruction. Contact us Today.

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