Violin Classes

Violin Classes in Dubai, Al Barsha

Violin Classes In Dubai, Al Barsha

Violin is an excellent means of expression. If you are teenager who is in love with the violin, then you must choose Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone School. Here, we offer a comprehensive curriculum that helps teenager to understand their instruments better alongside music theory and reading skills. Any student from kids to adults knows how critical these skills are in their attempts to seek out a future career in music or to teach the violin. Our comprehensive program in our studio is designed to help each student develop those skills they need to become an accomplished musician or teacher down the line.

Many kids who start with the Violin learn to play only the basics while they focus on learning the notes. However, at Solid Rock in Dubai, we help our students learn how to play their instruments in a way that makes them comfortable (both physically and mentally), which results in better playing. So, search now with the term “violin classes near me” on Google and you will see our page on top.

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Get The Non-Traditional Way of learning Best Violin Lessons

Get The Non-Traditional Way of learning Best Violin Lessons

At Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone Al Barsha, we offer a non-traditional approach to violin classes that gives students more time with their teachers one-on-one. At Solid rock, we believe that each student is an individual with different limitations and needs, so they deserve customized lessons that will help them achieve their most significant potential as musicians!

We emphasize achieving high levels of success through a best and solid foundation and high expectations. Students learn faster when they know they’re playing the right notes at the right time, and we work to achieve that through our combined efforts.

Also, we emphasize relationships. As a teacher, we believe that creating anything meaningful or lasting has to be mutually beneficial. Working together in a supportive environment will help them achieve their potential more quickly. We want to determine precisely what kids need to succeed, so we provide the students and adults with individualized lessons and hands-on stress-free training in our Al Barsha studio.

What will you learn in our Al Barsha Violin Classes?

  • How to hold your violin
  • How to tune your violin in C
  • How-to sight-read music and how to read music notation.
  • To play the major scale in different positions suitable for rock bands.
  • To play slow tunes in a variety of styles.
  • To play fast tunes with the same and different rhythms, patterns and strumming patterns suitable for rock bands
  • To play essential scales and arpeggios

So, if you are interested with our violin lessons then contact us now in Al Barsha, Dubai. Search now violin classes near me on Google.

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