If you have always harboured the desire to roll out brilliant tunes from a piano to an awe-inspired audience, then you have come to the right place. Learning how to become a pro pianist is possible if you can find yourself the best piano classes. Besides, you can also learn how to play the chords by following the proven steps. Despite how hard it seems at first, picking a tune and playing the chord wouldn’t be a daunting task at all.

Learning to Play the Piano in Simple Steps

While you can always look for the best music teacher for some professional piano classes, there are other ways of learning it through simple and easy-to-follow steps.

Get to Understand the Piano Keyboard’s Layout

This is the easiest way of learning the piano. Take a look at how the black notes are placed on the instrument. You will realize that the black notes were placed in groups of two and three. They are all up and down the instrument. Look for a group of two black notes, before finding the white notes that are placed on their left. This is how you get the note C.

The first way to learn the piano is by playing and naming all the notes and practising how to find them as quickly as you can.

Considering Using your Right Hand to Play the Piano

This step will need you to get thoroughly experienced with the instrument and find your way around the piano. It is only when you are used to the keys on the piano, that you can play them better. By practising, you can also improve the dexterity of your fingers.

Number your fingers from one to five, with one as your thumb and five being the pinky thumb. Now try finding the C in the centre of the keyboard while trying to place your right thumb over it. Thereafter all other fingers should naturally fall on the other notes.

Practice Using your Left Hand to Play the Piano

To properly play the piano, the music teacher will teach you how to master the art of playing it with both hands. Keep your left pinky on the C beneath the middle C. This way you must have number 5 on note C, 4 on note D, 3 on note E, 2 on note F and 1 on note G. This is where you must begin playing the tune.

Start playing the Instrument with Two Hands

Now play the same tune using both your hands while placing your hand in a similar position that you finished practising. While the top line is the right hand, the bottom light would be the left hand. Keep a lookout if your hands are in moving in a similar direction throughout your playing time.

Begin Playing the Piano Chords

Chords are either three or more notes that one plays at the same time. Since piano cords include playing different keys at once, beginners can feel intimidated at first. However, knowing how to play the basic piano chords at the piano classes is one of the best ways out for beginners.

Understand the Music Notes followed by the Timing

Every note implies how much you rely upon it must get. While only three notes are counted in the music sheet, there is more to it. Start identifying the notes individually. The first measure of the music sheet comprises the E notes. Keep playing them until you get used to them before moving to a different measure until you can play them successfully.

Review and Keep Practicing

Revise the steps and keep practising until you can play your favourite tune successfully. When you get confident, you can always learn the music notes and major piano keys. When you play the piano, you can start noticing the patterns. Since sons are made of musical patterns, you would want to identify and learn these patterns as you begin working on your goals.

Playing the piano will need you to enrol in a professional music-teacher-led music class like at Solid Rock Dubai. The music studio teaches you piano with the best instrument and sheer professionalism. The studio is focused on helping you play the instrument flawlessly. The study aims at teaching you how to play the piano while also loving it.

As once mentioned by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow “Music is the universal language of mankind”. While he might have imagined a particular type of music system, the sentiment is still relatable to most of us. You will be surprised to learn that every culture present across the world follows a musical tradition. But is music still important to us? Can music taught at music and dance studio transform our lives and make them better than before?

Music undoubtedly is an imperative attribute for all of us. An explosive human expression, music touches every human form, irrespective of their culture. Here are some of the reasons why music is important to us.

Top Reasons that Make Music Important for All of Us

Here is a round-up of all the best reasons that make music an indispensable part of our lives.

  • Music Gives Born to Creativity

Music is what fuels our minds and births creativity. Listening to musical pieces can make humans experience visualization of certain surroundings based on what the music is. It feels like someone is narrating a story. Music also lets your imagination flow to a different level. Listening to music and composing the same both need optimal use of brains, which makes humans turn intellectual and creative.

  • Learning Music Improves Memory Power and Learning Skills

Learning music in music classes has a positive physical effect on human lives. Musicians tend to have more amount of brain grey matter present in their auditory cortex and other brain parts which are important for playing a musical instrument. This results in a better working-memory load, better auditory attention, and better auditory-verbal memory. People having issues with auditory learning can increase their skills in this aspect by learning a musical instrument.

  • Music Education Proves Highly-Beneficial for Children

Various types of research and claims prove how music is beneficial for children. Studies have shown that music training develops the brain’s left side, which is responsible for language processing. Language development is how you get better at social interactions and learning things in life.

There is sufficient evidence that says that enrolling your child into music and a dance studio can also increase a child’s IQ besides improving their grades in school. When you associate information with music, children remember it better and more easily. That is how they learn the alphabet through songs.

  • Music Can Maintain a Good Heart Health

When music births chemical reactions inside the human brain, it can result in cardiovascular advantages as well. Research has also found that music can also maintain blood pressure levels. Besides, it also makes your heart rates get back to normalcy faster after exercise.

Music can be highly beneficial for anxiety and help calm heart-attack survivors to heal faster after heart surgery and calm their anxiety. That said, the music selection is important.

  • Music Releases Happiness Chemicals

Research proves there is a strong relationship between human moods and music. When you listen to positive, happy and upbeat music, your mood is likely to remain good. For people who are depressed and sad, sad music always makes them feel good. Studies even show that listening to music can release dopamine inside the brain.

This chemical is responsible for making you feel happy and relaxed. This is the same chemical that is released when you have just had sex, exercised or had your favourite meal.

Apart from this, music can also release your stress and relieve your bad mental health. While music might not be a cure for bad mental health, it can surely help you to cope, feel better and prepared for future endeavours.

Solid Rock Dubai, is the most reputable Dubai-based music studio that also offers dance classes to enthusiastic individuals who are willing to impress others with their vocals. Been affiliated with Trinity College of London, the provider of music classes. For people who are passionate about singing and different dance styles, you can even book private classes from professional experts at the studio.

Dancing is supposed to be fun and not something challenging. It doesn’t matter even if you are a beginner, one can master all types of dance forms by combining effort, patience and guidance. Anybody can learn to dance if they have the zeal for it.  There are different reasons why learning how to dance is a brilliant idea. The primary reason why people enjoy dancing is that it induces fun and excitement. However, learning a few dance steps will come to prove useful, when you are forced to shake a leg at a social gathering or a party.

If you happen to be a beginner, then start resorting to some easy dance forms when joining a dance studio to get a better grip on the steps. Here is a compilation of all the best dance forms that every beginner can consider.

Waltz: Most Easy Ballroom Dance

The Waltz is the easiest ballroom dance that you can start learning, owing to how slow and smooth the steps are. The dance form only makes use of four steps and includes a unique ¾ timing combined with a flowing style. Once you learn the art of rising and falling with your body expressions, you can succeed in earning appreciation from the guest.

Rumba: The Most Romantic Dance Form

The Rumba is one such sensual dance form that originated in Cuba. The simple steps include two rapid side steps followed by a slow forward step. Owing to its Latin style, the dancing style features active ‘Cuban motion. What turns this dance into a visual treat is its gentle ‘side-to-side’ hip movements while maintaining an erect torso.

Cha Cha: A Latin America-Origin Fun Dance form

Originating in the Latin America, the Cha Cha is known for its rhythmic and fast ballroom steps. Owing to its playfulness and vibrancy, the dance form is a must-try when selecting what to learn in music classes. The dance step comprises a standard pattern that is only inclusive of 4/4 danced three steps combined with a shuffle. This is what makes the dance form less complicated and more fun. Despite being small, the steps include hip motion in abundance, thanks for having a Latin origin.

Foxtrot: Reminisce Old Hollywood

The Foxtrot is a Hollywood reminiscent beautiful dance form that reminds you of Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. The dance form is quite beginner-friendly, owing to its four-step so-slow-quick-quick tempo sequence that one can learn quickly.

Tap Dancing: Narrate your Emotions through Feet

Who said you only have to become a good actor or singer to end up on a larger platform? If you are one such person who is naturally expressive and enjoy talking with your facial expressions or even your body then tap dancing is for you. Tap dancing has similarities with acting, but the only difference is that you need to channelise your emotion and narrate stories through your feet. As you begin to coordinate and control your heel and toe movements, you will become better with balance and internal rhythm.

Theatrical Dance

Theatrical instruction is a brilliant way of demonstrating your physical energy and tapping them into your storytelling skill. It is one of the best dance forms taught at various music classics for people who enjoy sensory stimulation. Some of the essential ingredients that add magic to the dance form has to the background, music, costume, and props.

Hip Hop Dance Styles

Hip-hop dance styles have to be the most demanding dance styles for all the best reasons. You wouldn’t come across dance styles that would make you undergo a rigorous workout like this one. The Hip Hop is a great dance style that even children can try, given how they can learn the dance fundamentals. Every dance is unique and has its own story to narrate.

These are some of the many easy dance forms for beginners. However, there are more to the list like belly dancing, salsa, etc. That said, while some dance forms might look and feel easy to learn from the first class itself, others might need you to practice more. But despite how easy or hard it feels, never feel afraid to try new dance forms and step out of your comfort zone.

If you are still not sure which dance form to choose for learning, then let Solid Rock Dubai help you. The most reputable music and dance studio based in Dubai, it offers professional dancing and singing classes to its students with sheer patience and effort. The KHDA-approved studio is also affiliated with the Trinity College of London