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Important Reasons to Make Music A Part of Our Lives

As once mentioned by Henry Wordsworth Longfellow “Music is the universal language of mankind”. While he might have imagined a particular type of music system, the sentiment is still relatable to most of us. You will be surprised to learn that every culture present across the world follows a musical tradition. But is music still important to us? Can music taught at music and dance studio transform our lives and make them better than before?

Music undoubtedly is an imperative attribute for all of us. An explosive human expression, music touches every human form, irrespective of their culture. Here are some of the reasons why music is important to us.

Top Reasons that Make Music Important for All of Us

Here is a round-up of all the best reasons that make music an indispensable part of our lives.

  • Music Gives Born to Creativity

Music is what fuels our minds and births creativity. Listening to musical pieces can make humans experience visualization of certain surroundings based on what the music is. It feels like someone is narrating a story. Music also lets your imagination flow to a different level. Listening to music and composing the same both need optimal use of brains, which makes humans turn intellectual and creative.

  • Learning Music Improves Memory Power and Learning Skills

Learning music in music classes has a positive physical effect on human lives. Musicians tend to have more amount of brain grey matter present in their auditory cortex and other brain parts which are important for playing a musical instrument. This results in a better working-memory load, better auditory attention, and better auditory-verbal memory. People having issues with auditory learning can increase their skills in this aspect by learning a musical instrument.

  • Music Education Proves Highly-Beneficial for Children

Various types of research and claims prove how music is beneficial for children. Studies have shown that music training develops the brain’s left side, which is responsible for language processing. Language development is how you get better at social interactions and learning things in life.

There is sufficient evidence that says that enrolling your child into music and a dance studio can also increase a child’s IQ besides improving their grades in school. When you associate information with music, children remember it better and more easily. That is how they learn the alphabet through songs.

  • Music Can Maintain a Good Heart Health

When music births chemical reactions inside the human brain, it can result in cardiovascular advantages as well. Research has also found that music can also maintain blood pressure levels. Besides, it also makes your heart rates get back to normalcy faster after exercise.

Music can be highly beneficial for anxiety and help calm heart-attack survivors to heal faster after heart surgery and calm their anxiety. That said, the music selection is important.

  • Music Releases Happiness Chemicals

Research proves there is a strong relationship between human moods and music. When you listen to positive, happy and upbeat music, your mood is likely to remain good. For people who are depressed and sad, sad music always makes them feel good. Studies even show that listening to music can release dopamine inside the brain.

This chemical is responsible for making you feel happy and relaxed. This is the same chemical that is released when you have just had sex, exercised or had your favourite meal.

Apart from this, music can also release your stress and relieve your bad mental health. While music might not be a cure for bad mental health, it can surely help you to cope, feel better and prepared for future endeavours.

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