Guitar Classes

Guitar Classes

Guitar Classes in Dubai, Al Barsha

Learn Guitar From Professionals

At Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone, located in Al Barsha, Dubai, we know that music is more than just notes on a page. It’s an experience! That’s why our teacher cares about all our students and makes learning guitar fun for all ages. We have a creative and playful approach towards our teenager, kids and adults. The traditional model of learning guitar is a bit dull, with most classes teaching teenager to learn scales and note patterns. While this helps understand how to read music sheets, it does not support the students’ appreciation of music. Instead, our best classes are built around music games that are fun and interesting in Al Barsha, Dubai.

Also, you will improve your agility and coordination and increase your ability to concentrate and think creatively. So, search Google for best music classes near me now! And you will find our school ranking on top. Our teachers are passionate about guitar. At Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone, we only hire the best guitar teacher! All our teachers possess good training and provide their best while teaching.

Guitar Classes Dubai

What Will You Learn From Our Classes?

  • Learn chords, scales and modes;
  • Understand the fret board;
  • Tuning tips and avoiding common mistakes;
  • Figuring out fingerings for a particular lick or chord pattern;

We Have a Variety of Lessons for All Skill Levels

Solid Rock Music & Dance Zone, the best Al Barsha school, offers classes starting from absolute beginner to advanced intermediate, so kids can choose a lesson that’s perfect for them. Also, our guitar lessons are designed with all ages in mind. We provide all the necessary equipment for you and your needs in our studio – everything from guitars, amps, cables, strings, and picks to cases. Contact us now by with the term “guitar classes near me” to find out more about our guitar classes!

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